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CW: This post gets into discussion of genocide and hate.

I’ve alternated between being absolutely distraught and feeling despondent over the state of the world. It is appalling what is going down in Gaza. I grew up learning about the horrors of The Holocaust. How absolutely vile it was. It’s unbelievable that a similar situation is unfolding in this age of worldwide connectedness. And to be implicated in it financially is— I just don’t have the words now.

I’ve been organizing with local community members to get our local government to adopt ceasefire resolutions. It’s shocking how much resistence there is. Some of the open hatred I’ve seen in those opposed is only something I’ve seen in movies or TV. The hate is vile and very real.

But this isn't the only genocide. We’re living in a time of concurrent genocide. Is that the norm?

We’re also facing lots of anti-trans hate. Anti-immigrant. Antisemitism. Anti-Muslim hate. Anti-Blackness. I haven't been able to even focus on some of this. Entire families are being bombed.

I’m tired. So tired. But I expect better than this.


It’s been a long time since I did any edits to this website that were not just my Opinion pieces. Tonight I stayed up (among other things) adding some missing Nintendo game entries that I’d never added—despite having already created links to them). 20 year old broken links have started to get fixed. Having a primary computer that is a laptop again helps with spontaneous edits.

The way the web works these days has changed so much. This opinion page started off as plain HTML before I switched over to adding entries to a database. I think switching to my own hosting at that point allowed me to add more sophisticated components once I moved off of Lycos’ free Tripod site. That was to host it on my very own iBook (G3, Late 2001—have I talked about this elsewhere?). This site is still mostly composed of static HTML files, however. Ugh. It irks me a bit to copy entire pages with all the menus and stuff copied along with it. Perhaps that discourages me a bit from restructuring the site more unless I made it much more dynamic. But, I really don't touch it that much to justify the effort, probably. Oh, also, MIDI and QuickTime files with unsupported codecs are no longer how you put together a website. Social media really seems to have filled in that gap for most folks.

I created CCS Site to share a bit more about me and the things I loved. I haven't done that enough. Sunflowers are sorely missing from mention in the site (though I have a picture or two). I’m not sure though, if I should continue developing this site or leave it as a testament to the time period in which it was envisioned. I really do get a kick out of seeing <frameset> and <font> tags when I peek at the source…