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La, la la La, la la La, la la La la La, La, la la La, la la La; She's a Smaaaaaal Wonder…

Hee hee. I liked that show. I used to watch it whenever it came on when I was younger. Little Vicki. I really enjoyed watching it when I was younger, but I still like it now. I found a site (archive) a while ago that talks all about it (I even downloaded a few shows!). Oh well, so much for the past. Another show that has been cancelled. Too bad they can't do a reunion movie or something. A shout out to the friend chatting with me while I was writing this (and who likes Calla lilies).


No matter how much I upgrade, or get things on ebay, my computer just doesn't seem fast enough. 3D modelling and animation has always been something that has seemed a bit out of reach. I suppose until everything is realtime, nothing will be fast enough. Sure, I can surf the web just fine, type out documents, read my email…

I recall wanting a particular model a few years ago—now which of course, is just about obsolete. I do have a fascination with these older models, however. I've taken in more than my fair share of older Macs. I tried for the second or third time now to install Mac OS X on my Power Mac 7500, but it has failed once again. It would be terribly slow with it, so why bother? I don't know. It's just one of those things, I suppose. I do wish that modern Macs were still as upgradeable as the older ones…


Have you ever noticed how, no matter how hard you look, how hard you try, how hard you hope, you can never find the cell phone that's absolutely perfect for you. Not one has all the features (or lack of features/problems) that you want. (This concept probably spills over into the computer world as well, but that's another topic ;-), OK...)

I've looked at a number of Nokia phones recently. A lot of the old phones have voice dialing, none of the newer phones I've looked at has it. However, none of the old phones have color screens, few work with concatenated text messages. What about accessability? Some have IR (my iBook does not :-(, sniff), I've seen one with Bluetooth. How about I list my perfect phone?
  • Nokia
  • samll size (Nokia 8290 was the phone I fell in love with)
  • Voice dialing
  • Color screen would be nice
  • Good looks (Yes, that's important to me.)
  • GSM, but most of Nokia's good phones are anyway (Yep, I'm stuck with good ol' Cingular)
  • FM Radio is a cool feature...
  • Java
The 6590 was the phone I had my eye on. It has a higher resolution screen than my current 8290, still
has voice dialing, WAP, Looks roughly like an 8290 or 8390 (which was my original choice to take the place of an 8290 that I couldn't find -- plus it was better than an 8290 in many places). It also has an FM radio. It doesn't look half bad either.

Now, when it comes to color phones, I knew that I didn't want the 7210, because it lacked IR (I thought it lacked IR) (if I'm ever gonna connect my iBook (or whatever comes along) to it I knew I needed IR support (Nokia's Bluetooth standard isn't standard, go figure). The 6610 was the first phone to really get my attention with Java, FM radio, color screen. The only catch, it doesn't support voice dialing. (I do suspect that the lack of voice dialing might be to the reliance of the key used to activate this feature is being used for the speakerphone function. Oh, it also doesn't look too cool.

Now, the 6100 looks quite a bit cooler that the 6610, but lacks the FM radio :-(.

I don't know if this is just coincidence, but I've tried using's phone comparisom feature, and it doesn't work with either of the two browsers I tried. Hmm. Well, at least we can keep buying phones, right?