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So, I manged to skip three years this time. For probably at least a year of that time, these opinion pieces were not accessible.

So, what's going on with my life right now? I'm doing some work on myself, to work through anxiety, isolation, overdependance on social media. I'm a creator at heart and I want to focus on doing that more. It's what feeds me, gives me purpose, and provides something for others to consume (that seems wrong, but it can be a mutual creative-consumption relationship).

I'm writing this on a 9 year old MacBook Pro. It's amazing how far keyboards have come. This scissor-based mechanism feels somewhat spongy in comparison to the butterfly keyboards of current Apple laptops. I've gotten so used to the new ones (and so far I've kept the crumbs and other detritus out). It's also fascinating how slowly it boots. I'd forgotten how slow rotational storage medium can be. And it's constantly making noise!

Anyway, getting back to what I wanted to say… I'm about to start writing again; a novel that I've been thinking about for a number of years. No, not the one that I pretty much abandoned (but perhaps I'll start that one up again), a new one. After the battery on this computer went dead (and the battery of my old iPhone expanded after I plugged it in to charge), I was afraid to use this computer again. I've primarily switched to using a desktop for personal use, but it's so hard to use those from the comfort of my warm bed. It's been raining almost all day (and will continue to do so tomorrow (yay, atmospheric river). It seems okay, though. It knows not to charge the battery.

I miss these entries. I've recorded some interesting experiences in my life. I've missed sharing some significant ones with you as well.