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This is something that has bothered me for a while. I respect police officers for the most part, but sometimes—sometimes they do things that just make me question the possibility of the abuse of power.

What kind of things make me wonder about this? No, not the abuses happening with the Occupy Wall Street protests. I'm referring to simple acts like changing lanes without signalling.

Someone explained that officers are allowed to talk on cell phones (held up to their ears) while driving. Fair enough. I suppose texting while driving would be okay too (though I haven't actually witnessed this). What about speeding when the lights aren't flashing? That and weaving in and out of traffic really freaks me out. I suppose there's a purpose for all of this, but I can't help but wonder…


Receipts. You get them everywhere. At the grocery store, the pharmacy—even where you get an oil change. But you know what? I'm tired of all these paper receipts! They clutter up my home and fill my bag with their blight!

What we need are virtual receipts! How many businesses do you have accounts with? Even those shopper loyalty programs. They know who you are and have your email address. Why can't they just email their receipts to you? It'd save loads of paper and make me very happy.

If you had to return an item, you no longer have to remember where you left that tiny scrap of paper. Just do a search for the product name in your email and pow! You're ready to go.

I hear that you can link virtual coupons ot your Safeway Club card. Nice! Let's take this concept just a little further and save a tree or two. :-)