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Ack! I did it again. I forgot to post for most of the year. Since getting an iPad, I just haven't been on my computer enough to be around to post, I suppose. (That's no excuse, I know. iPads can do all kinds of things.)

What's been happening this year? Well, I'm continuing to learn all kinds of things. Relationship things. Racial things. Queer things. Web things. My life has taken another turn in the career sector. Intersectionality happened. Web & tech plus advocacy and a little bit of touch.

Sometimes I wish people didn't have such strong and differing opinions about the rights (or even the existence) of others. Of course, I want my opinions to be the rule for everyone, but morality is a funny thing when everyone decides for themselves. We all think our way is the best way. I could say I wished everyone could just mind their own business &emdash; then everyone could just do what they wanted to do, as long as they weren't infringing on anyone else's ability to do what they wanted to do. But as awesome as that might sound to some of you, that leaves out the ability for anyone else to advocate for someone who might not be able to partake in this system to the full ability one should be able to. That could be for various reasons. A big reason that can and does happen today is systemic discrimination. As much as we want things to just work, parts that don't work the same as others &emdash; and in the case of humans: trigger subconscious, psychological preferences &emdash; may not work well in a system, or not even be installed. Asking for others to change for more inclusiveness totally violates that imagined system of existing. sigh