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iTunes is blue again! Oh, I've so missed the blue icon. The green was here for far too long. After several version changes, it failed to change color. Who missed that? Huh? I've had some irritations with iTunes, though, that have failed to be rectified. I still need to rely on a third-party utility to sync my music data, while retaining manual control over my music files put on my iPod. The other thing, which is really annoying, is that the auto-complete feature continues to wipe out capitalization and accented characters when it find a potential "match." Even Safari get's it right! Don't change the inputted text until a match is accepted. I've reported this to Apple before. What's a little auto-complete dropdown going to hurt? Urgh!

The new iPod nanos are cute. They're iPod mini nanos! I wasn't to thrilled over giving up my hard drive-based blue iPod mini for the previous nanos. But now… color is back… prettier blue… Ooooooo! I have issues with blue envy. My car is a blue 2005 Honda. I loved the blue of the Saturn S series, but they discontinued it before I was looking to buy. Now I've seen some blue hondas that look a lot like the blue I saw on the Saturn. Did I simply miss out? Is there some custom car dealers out there doing custom paint jobs, or what? *sigh*


I just found a very interesting site! It's called BrilliantButCancelled. I came across a show that I'd totally forgotten about. "Touching Evil." It's funny. I hardly remember it, but watching the little video on the site, I remember seeing those scenes. The lead actor (Jeffrey Donovan) is kinda cute. :-) I can't wait to see what other shows appear.

In other news…My bunny and I have made up. He's been a bit skittish around me since I'd picked him up briefly. But last night, I did it again, but held him for a while. I stroked him for at least five minutes. Aftewards, he liked me again.

I've learned that Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) was killed recently. This news saddens me greatly. He was a true animal lover. A legend. I'd imagined that if he ever were to go, it would be by crocodile (or snake, or some other reptile). A stingray barb to the heart. That's so unreal. Good bye, Steve. I hope that those who love you will get to hear you say "crikey!" again.


Working with Yahoo! Groups and Google Base has been rather, underwhelming. I've been trying to promote interest in the needlecraft group I'm in that meets at the local library. Getting the group to show up in search results has been a bit disappointing. I've turned to meta tags. It can be annoying when you do a serach on something, but come across a page that has nothing to do with your search. Hundreds of hidden terms in meta tags that don't show up on the page. Typically, ad trap sites will do anything to get an ad hit or click. Like cyber squatters who register domains similiar to legitimite site domains to catch unsuspecting surfers.

I'm realizing that it really must take a massive effort to be prominent—not exactly what I think is best, but may be what is necessary.


Well, I've missed an entire year. I'm hoping to be able to do better this year. Who knows…