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When I was young, I used to go over to friends' houses and play Nintendo. It was fun to play video games. Now, I see these games as a window into the past. It's pathetic, but its just about all I have sometimes.

My favorite games are those branded into the average Nintendo player: Mario games-- but I like the games with interesting stories, pretty graphics, and fun characters. Good music is also nice.

When my family was getting our first (and only) Super Nintendo, I was amazed by a game I saw on display--Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The "Demo" was so cute and sad. It evoked strong emotions from within me. Mario, a baby. Yoshi, his caretaker. Mario and Luigi, seperated. Oh, wow.

I took one of my first stabs at "sophisticated" animation with Yoshi and Shy Guy

I once thought about a game with Jimmy the penguin starring. Seeing how neat all these Nintendo games were, I thought that someday I might give it a try. Well, the first true game I ever tried to create was in Java. I never finished it, and what was there didn't work (not correctly anyway).

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