Yoshi and Shy Guy | Jimmy the Penguin | You are my Sunshine

Yoshi and Shy Guy (872 KB)

For Yoshi and Shy Guy, I spent nearly two days setting up the background, drawing the basic frame for Yoshi and Shy Guy, pasting the frame over the background, and then coloring it. I did this using ClarisWorks 3.0 on my Mac. 100 frames, 10 seconds. I used this as a school project. This was my first attempt at animation using an automatic conversion utility (Apple's Convert to Movie) Much better than trying to drag individual frames into MoviePlayer, and then cutting away excess frame time (2 seconds worth). This utility is no longer available. This feature has been built into QuickTime Player since version 3.0 (by using "Open Image Sequence" in the File menu).

Warning: This being an early attempt, it is a bit shaky. (256 Colors)

Jimmy (127 KB)

Here is another early attempt at animation. This time, the subject is a character of my own creation. Jimmy (the penguin). This was a simple exercise. I simply got him to walk.

(636 KB)

I did this little "quickie" for a friend of mine. I was teaching her how to play this song on the guitar. She wanted to learn because it is what her dad had taught her many years ago. I thought I'd throw this together for her. I created the original graphics in AppleWorks, then put the bulk of the movie together with Strata VideoShop 4.0/3D. I created the MIDI score with Virtual Composer, I believe. I wasn't able to integrate the two together, however. But, when I thought about how I now have QuickTime Pro, I was able to finally finish it. (Or did I finish it before, but forgot?)