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My very first Nintendo Game (that I owned). This game was so cool when it came out. It was like Super Mario Bros. but with a whole lot more. Some of the enemies were familiar, but a few were new. Some were variations on older enemies which brought a feeling of continuity. Everything was related and relevant. The Mario Bros series has a lot of consistency among the different games (with the exeption of non-platform games).

The different accessories that could be used during the game added more value to playing it. The suits: most were documented, one was not. Finding this hidden suit is a little something extra, a real cool thing.

More characters were involved. Bowser's seven kids (Unfortunately, these kids last appear in Super Mario World). Luigi's role also changed, once player 2's character, now Mario's partner. As a number two player, this was a nice break from having to wait for player one to die before I got a chance to play.

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