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I've had a fascination with plants for as long as I can remember. Starting with those beans I found spilled on supermarket floor. I think my obsession really started with the "Life Lab" program at my elementary school. I wasn't able to pick seeds to plant since that was left to upper graders (i.e. not kindergardeners or whatever grade I was in at the time). I was very dissapointed, but couldn't wait for the school year in which I would be able to grow plants.

I now have a garden of my very own. The first year, I was able to grow seven (7) watermelons. Now, I haven't had much time to go out and garden, but I do manage to grow a little something each year.

The first time I grew a little bean plant, all on my own, I was so proud. It was so beautiful. Seeing life start out -- even in plants -- is such an amazing thing. I was so enthralled by the intricacies of the "veins" in the leaves. Even before I could see its leaves, it was awe inspriring to see how it pushed it's way up from the ground. After that, I think I started to feel funny about eating beans, knowing about that little plant they each have inside of them.