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Jimmy the Penguin Meets Dr. Wrong | Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Where are You?

This story is provided "AS IS" for a near-exact digital replica of the typed version. This is the very first Jimmy story, and yes, its preddy bad :-(
P.S. Had a time correcting typos, uncorrecting typo corrections, and lining up characters:-)


  Once upon a time there was a penguin named Jimmy.
He was waddling upon the ice one day. Suddenly, a  strange 
animal approached him. It had white fur and huge paws 
with pointy claws. The strange animal sat down and 
started to talk. It said strange things were happining.
It said "I was walking , swimming I mean, and something 
tried to shoot me. I dove and it left mumbling. 
So I decided to move and I also suggest you do the same.
Good Bye!"
  Hmmmm thoght the penguin. I wonder what it was.
Jimmy decided to take a chance. He would find out 
what the strange thing was. He started waddling again.
Wait said Jimmy to himself. maybe I should stay away 
from the water since that is where that other animal 
almost got shot.

  Jimmy moved away from the water and waddled on. 
Oh my goodness! Jimmy almost shouted out. 
There he saw dozens of animals laying around. Not moving.
DEAD! They were all dead! Jimmy felt sick to his stomach.
There was also another creature. It was a man. Jimmy 
knew what was happening then. THe man was hunting,for animals.

Jimmy noticed that all the creatures, though coverd with 
blood, all resembled the strange animal he had met earlier.
Jimmy wanted to do something, but what?
"Wow," shouted a strange voice,"a penguin!" Jimmy 
instantly knew the man was talking about him. 
Jimmy made aquick snowball and threw it at the man. 
He was soon sorry he had did so. The snowball hit the man 
in the face. After a quick recovery he returned fire. 
In a few minutes they were in a snowball fight.

  Jimmy realized that he was on aslope just above the man. 
He made a large snowball while dodging the man's throws 
and dropped it to let it roll down the slope. 
The ball got bigger and bigger until it was enormous. 
The ball hit the man with a giant SMACK! 
The huge ball floated away in the water. AS it did the angry man 
shouted,"You haven't seen the last of Dr. Wrong!" 
and he floated away wildly laughing.

Jimmy knew even afte he got rid of Dr. Wrong that this 
would not make-up for the counless lives that were lost. 
But Dr. Wrong would be back!